Why you should try padel tennis this National Fitness Day

20 September 2023

This week, millions of people across the UK will be inspired to become more active as they recognise National Fitness Day on the 20 September. This awareness day is coordinated by ukactive, and this year’s theme is “Your Health is for Life.” This theme aims to encourage people of all ages, abilities, and skills to embrace and celebrate the importance of physical and mental health by staying active.

According to the Active Lives Adult Survey report, a quarter of England’s population is classified as inactive. Awareness days like National Fitness Day play a crucial role in motivating people to stay fit and active.

Playing sports is a perfect way to achieve this goal. Not only does it help strengthen our bones, muscles, and joints, but also alleviates stress, leaving us feeling more relaxed overall.

Padel tennis is the fastest-growing sport in Europe and a great way to stay active at any life stage, and for a very good reason. From school-age kids to the older generations, padel is fully inclusive without limits or barriers.

For those new to the sport, padel is a hybrid of tennis and squash, played on an enclosed court about the same size as a singles tennis court. A game of padel is almost always played in doubles, which emphasises the social, fun, and collaborative element of the sport.

Padel is a very easy sport to learn, offering a range of health benefits to its players. Playing padel can support the development of players’ stamina and agility, helps build muscle, burns calories, and supports the prevention of health concerns.

If you are new to the sport, book an intro to padel session and fall in love with this popular activity perfect for building and strengthening social bonds with family and friends.

Here at Padel4All, we are continuing to grow our UK network of padel centres, with our latest sites in Eastbourne and Bracknell. Find your nearest Padel4All centre.

Stay tuned.

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