Under the bright lights of Bristol

8 January 2023

Don’t let the dark evenings stop you from going out and having fun – especially if you live in Bristol and are keen to play some sport.

That’s because our latest Padel4all centre – making a total of three in the UK so far – opened at Lockleaze earlier this year. And all four courts are both covered and lit using LED. The bright blue artificial turf is from quality suppliers Mondo. In other words, if you’re fighting fit, there is no excuse for not getting out and retaining, or even building on, your stamina.

With our Bristol offering, we’re proud to have the accolade of the biggest Padel centre in the South West. Indeed, we’ve been overwhelmed by the positive response we’ve received from the people of Bristol. Many adults and youngsters have signed up for coaching sessions and booked courts. In fact, we couldn’t be more pleased.

Bristol hosts Padel4all world cup tournament

Last month, Bristol’s Lockleaze Centre was the venue for our first-ever Padel4all World Cup event. Everyone who turned up for the occasion had a wonderful time – the paella helped, of course. The winners of the competition were Germany, with Mexico runners up. Look out for our next event, which will be soon in 2023.

What is Padel?

If you haven’t already seen a game of Padel, then we’re sure you soon will. That’s because it’s commonly recognised as the world’s fastest-growing sport. And no wonder – it’s fun, it’s sociable, and it keeps you fit. Big fans of the game include none other than tennis stars Andy Murray and Maria Sharapova, as well as footballers David Beckham and John Terry.

The game is a hybrid of tennis and squash (with a tennis scoring system) and is played in teams of two. Serving is underarm, and, as in a game of squash, the ball is allowed to hit the wall once each play.

@neograssuk: “A padel tennis court is much like a traditional tennis court, except around 25% smaller (10 metres x 20 metres) and has glass walls surrounding each end, if not all sides.”

Countries where the couples’ game is particularly popular include Spain, Argentina, Sweden, Mexico and Portugal. In fact, it’s reckoned around 20 million people around the globe play Padel on a reasonably regular basis. It’s the second favourite sport in Spain (football being the first).

Bristol’s introduction to Padel

Here at Padel4all, we run an extensive coaching programme for any would-be Padel players – especially those who want to play the game without picking up bad habits. For others, we run beginners’ courses, as well as community outreach initiatives, in a bid to make Padel accessible for everyone in the Bristol area.

Padel special offers

At the Bristol Lockleaze Centre – as well as Basset Down in Swindon and Garon Park in Southend – we offer a range of special packages for those interested in trying out the sport. These include ‘Pay and Play’ packages and a membership offer (PadelPlus). The latter means you’ll get priority booking for courts and a discount every time you reserve a court.

Stay tuned.

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