Time To Go Back to School

30 August 2021

September is of course the time to return to School and we are ringing the school bell to announce our new partnership affiliation with The Padel School.

The Padel School is a fantastic online learning platform which offers an amazing knowledge base of coaching courses, padel skills and practical advice to help padel players of all levels to learn and improve their game.  Tutorials are easy to understand and delivered through an extensive library of creative videos, articles and blogs.

The agreement will ensure our PadelPlus members receive exclusive access and offers to the site. Padel4all Operations Director Dax Mellor commented;

 “It’s great to be forming a partnership with Sandy and his team. We’ve been looking to collaborate for a while and with our first Padel4all centres about to open and the recent new enhancements to The Padel School website the timing is perfect.

We love Sandy’s e-learning methods and the wide variety of content he offers. Making The Padel School resources more accessible to our members will perfectly compliment the coaching and learning programmes that we offer at our centres”.

The Padel School Founder Sandy Farquharson said;

“I am really looking forward to working with Padel4all. We share the same values around developing the sport of padel in the UK and our affiliation will help speed up that development by ensuring playing and learning padel is easier for everyone.

The wave of padel is coming and it is good to have professional club operators driving it forward!”

In recognition of the partnership Sandy will be with us delivering two live coaching clinics on Thursday 9thSeptember at our Basset Down Centre – 1st session 5.00pm & 2nd session 6.45pm. The clinics are aimed at an intermediate level player and will focus on understanding technique and developing tactics respectively.

To register for one or both of the sessions click on the link here or for more details visit the Basset Down centre page or contact the Basset Down team by email bassetdown@padel4all.com or phone 01793 251130.

Stay tuned.

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