The Padel Craze: How Does It Compare to Tennis?

4 July 2024

Hey sports fans! If you’ve heard the buzz about Padel and want to know how it compares to Tennis, you’re in the right place. Let’s explore the fast-paced world of Padel and see why it might become your new favourite racket sport.

What’s Padel, Anyway?

Padel is a unique sport blending Tennis and Squash. Played on a smaller court with walls, it’s usually a doubles game, making it perfect for socialising and teamwork.

Key Differences Between Padel and Tennis

  1. Court Size and Structure

Padel: The court is about a third of the size of a Tennis court, measuring 20m x 10m. It’s enclosed with glass and mesh walls that you can use to play the ball off, much like in Squash.

Tennis: Larger, with no walls, demanding more sprinting to chase down those long shots.

  1. Scoring System

Both sports use the same scoring system (15, 30, 40, game), so Tennis players will feel right at home in this regard.

  1. Rackets

Padel: Uses a solid, perforated racket with no strings. It’s more compact and easier to handle, which can make a world of difference for beginners.

Tennis: The familiar stringed racket, which requires more precision and power.

  1. Serve

Padel: Serves are underhand, making them more accessible for newcomers. The serve must bounce once in the service box before hitting the wall.

Tennis: Overhand serves are the norm, which can be a steep learning curve for beginners.

  1. Gameplay

Padel: Emphasises strategy, quick reflexes, and smart positioning. The ball stays in play longer due to the walls, making rallies more exciting and less interrupted.

Tennis: Focuses more on powerful shots and extensive baseline rallies. Points can be shorter, especially at higher levels of play.

Ready to Give Padel a Try?

Learning the basics of Padel is made easy with Padel4all’s Intro to Padel session, or you can get involved straight away with our available social sessions at any of our existing centres:

See you on court!

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