The Future is with the young

8 January 2023

Here at Garon Park, we’ve been seeing an increasing number of young people signing up with us to play Padel. As a result, we’ve set up some special junior programmes for them to become involved in and whet their appetite for this fun and exciting game even more.

Earlier this week – on December 19 and 21 – we hosted kids’ Christmas camps, for instance. Held between 9am and 12.30pm lots of youngsters turned up to bat the ball and have fun while getting fit at the same time. The venture was £25 for those with a PadelPlus membership or £30 for PadelPlay card holders. Book for two days, and you’d receive a 10 per cent discount. We were also offering sibling discounts of 25 per cent. Look for similar events in the future, as the popularity of these two means we’ll definitely have kids’ camps lined up for 2023.

Children’s Birthday Parties

Another great event loved by youngsters is our Padel birthday parties. The team here host the party and let the youngsters test out their Padel racket skills while having the opportunity to play with pals and classmates. The kids get the chance to see how much they love the game, while our instructors will also set up competitions and mini-challenges.

The outcome is they get fit – and you, as their parent or carer, get to have a rest. There’s also refreshments you can indulge in as you watch and cheer on the various kids’ teams. It’s a win-win for everyone in our book (especially since the youngsters will be tired out and rather quiet after their Padel workout)!

A new you for 2023

Meanwhile, if you haven’t tried Padel yet then make it one of your New Year’s resolutions to do so. Certainly, if you want to get fit and perhaps even lose weight, then it’s a sport that can help with both those aims.

@babolatpadel: “As a cardiovascular workout, it will help us lose weight and encourage us to eat a healthier diet…Padel improves aerobic capacity, which helps prevent health risk factors and will make your heart stronger and more efficient.”

Find out about our opening times and membership benefits by taking a look at our Garon Park website today. Or, better still, pop by to take a look at the game being played.

Stay tuned.

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