Southmead Hospital Charity Tried Padel For The First Time!

15 March 2023

Southmead Hospital Charity came in on Tuesday afternoon to do an Intro to Padel session, learning all about the fundamentals of padel tennis. Afterwards, they finished off with a mix-in matchplay session – it was fun to watch the employees take on their co-workers! Andy from the Southmead Hospital Charity said, “The coaching was absolutely brilliant, thanks to the patience and good humour. Everyone is buzzing and it’s all been shared around the wider department with a lot of attention!” We’re looking forward to seeing Andy and his fellow co-workers again soon!

We also had the Kuwaiti Society come back for the second week in a row – they ran another tournament on Sunday filling up all of our 4 courts for an impressive 5 hours!

Stay tuned.

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