Padel4all Welcomes ‘Extra Time’

18 March 2022

On Tuesday and Thursday we were delighted to welcome 30 men and women from the Swindon Town FC Community Foundation Over 60’s group, for a couple of hours of padel fun and games. 

The group all belong to a community programme called ‘Extra Time’ which provides a weekly opportunity for retired/semi-retired men and women over the age of 60 years to come together and try out different sports, at some of the best venues in and around Swindon.  

Participants, who regularly take part in activities such as; golf, bowls, horse riding, water polo, walking football, can now add padel to the list. After receiving the basics from Head Coach Steve they were let loose on the courts taking part in a number of inter-group matches. 

Alice Telling, the Foundation’s Community Development Officer, accompanied the ladies on Thursday, said; 

 “It’s great for the group to try something new and to see them having so much fun. The men are probably more competitive than the ladies but as long as they all get their tea and biscuits afterwards then everyone goes home happy” 

Over the last 13 years the Extra Time programme has engaged with hundreds of retired men and women, increasing their physical activity, promoting social inclusion and reducing the risk of age-related illness.  

For more details on Extra Time and other programmes delivered by the Swindon Town FC Foundation please contact James Sims, the Sports Particpation Manager  james.​s@​STFCfoundation.​com  



Stay tuned.

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