Padel: The Perfect All-Year, All-Weathers Sport

28 March 2023

One of the biggest bonuses of playing padel at a Padel4all centre is that, with our covered courts, you can play it all year round, whatever the weather.

Unlike most other padel centres, which only have outdoor courts where you’re at the mercy of the elements, it’s perfectly possible to play padel all year round.

And that means you won’t miss out on playing that addictive new sport you’ve just discovered. Better still, you can stay fit throughout the winter months, so you won’t feel like you’re coming out of hibernation when the warmer weather comes around.

Benefits of playing padel all year

Yes, like tennis, padel is an awesome game to play during the spring and summer months when it’s warm. But it’s also invigorating to play in winter. And, if you plan on playing in some of the tournaments come the warmer months, you’ll already be streets ahead of your competitors with all that winter practice behind you.

And it’s not only your technique that will have improved. Your stamina and strength (muscle tone) will have been given a boost too. You will also burn calories to compensate for all those sugary temptations over the Christmas period. Then there are the benefits to your mental health too: play regular padel games, and you’ll feel more relaxed, not to mention the fact you will also sleep better at night. 

What to wear when playing padel

Whilst you’d need to layer up when playing outside in winter, playing padel under cover means once you’ve done your warm-up, you can just wear a t-shirt, so there’s no need to invest in seasonal sportswear.

Warm up whenever you play

Whenever you play any sport, it’s important to warm up before a game. You must also stretch your muscles gradually to avoid pulling a calf muscle or similar. This is particularly important during the winter months when you’re coming in from the cold.

For the same reason, make sure you warm down properly, stretching while your muscles remain warm immediately after a game. That way, you’ll get rid of all the lactic acid in your muscles, and you won’t feel stiff for days afterwards.

Play padel when you want

Here at Padel4all, each of our three centres has covered, padel courts, perfect for padel players of all abilities and games at any time of the day and year. Our 3G Astroturf Padel courts are meticulously looked after by our passionate team. Whether you’ve never even picked up a Padel racket before, have been playing a while or would be considered a pro, everyone’s welcome.

Plus, our courts are entirely floodlit, meaning you can come in even when the nights are drawing in or after dark. If you’re looking for something active to do after a day of sitting at a desk, then Padel is the perfect way to exercise and, as it’s played in pairs, it’s super sociable too.

Get in touch

If you have never tried to play this fabulous racket sport before, why not learn to play padel with our instructors here at Padel4All? The game is fun, easy to play and very sociable. And right now, it’s the fastest-growing sport in the UK. See our website, to book a court or training session today. We can assure you, you will never look back.

Stay tuned.

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