Pablo’s Coaching Clinics

16 November 2023

What a week of coaching clinics it’s been! 

We saw 23 sessions across the 5 days that Pablo was with us at Padel4all. 

There has been some fantastic feedback across our members and non-members and we will look to do another clinic in January. 

Pablo has 15 years of experience as a player and a coach where he has previously been ranked in the top 100 on the World Padel Tour

Pablo is not only a highly qualified coach, but he is also a specific physical trainer of Padel and currently works with professionals players who are ranked highly on the WPT.

Some professional players that he is working with right now are:
Xénia Clascá Vidiella – ranked 104 on WPT
Noa Cánovas Paredes – ranked 50 on WPT
Pol Hernández Álvarez – ranked 91 on WPT

Pablo also has experience coaching juniors and has players that are ranked top 3 in the World! 

Here are some testimonials from players who had coaching from Pablo: 

“It was great to have a coach to take sessions at Basset Down that has worked with padel players on the World Tour. You do not get the opportunity often to work with people with such a high status” 

“It was a pressure to see Pablo on court” 

“I really enjoyed the training session with Pablo and have change my thought process when approaching shots” 

“I’ve had coaching from some high profile coaches and I would say that this was most definitely the best I’ve had!” 

Stay tuned.

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