Meet the team Lockleaze: Roxy Keshavarz

21 March 2023

Centre Manager at Lockleaze Roxy Keshavarz was once rated 125th in the world for squash. That’s quite a claim to fame, which is why she’s such a hotshot at Padel.

But it doesn’t take a former global championship rating at squash or tennis to make a good Padel player – although this obviously helps! No, the secret to playing a good game of Padel, according to Roxy, is just to learn to relax and enjoy it. The rest will come in time.

“You definitely don’t need a background in racket sports or to be sporty at all to be able to play Padel well,” she says. “It’s such a fun game – even if you’re not the greatest player, you’ll still enjoy it.

“Really, the best way to learn to play Padel is to come to one of our ‘Intro to Padel’ sessions, where you can learn the basic rules. You can then improve as you continue to play, all the while meeting new people as either a partner or opponent at the same time.” 

Roxy herself has only been playing Padel since March last year. She had become aware of the game in 2021; it took a year before she could get on a Padel court. After that first session, she never looked back.

“Padel is incredible and very addictive,” she says. “You don’t need to have a good technique to be able to play. A background in racket sports definitely isn’t necessary.

“I love the fact that the sport brings tennis and squash players together. I’d never have met half the tennis players I have when I was back in my squash club in Birmingham if I hadn’t picked up a Padel racket.”

When not playing Padel, Roxy loves playing squash. But other sports also get a look in. In fact, most sports do.

“There wasn’t a sport I didn’t play in school,” she grins. “I love all sports and played anyone I was introduced to.”

And she doesn’t just love playing a range of different sports; Roxy also loves watching live sports. If she’s not watching sports, she’s at the cinema watching films.

She also enjoys reading in her spare time – especially factual, self-improvement books. Her favourite three books, for instance, are The Chimp Paradox by Prof Steve Peters, Bounce by Matthew Syed and Blink by Malcolm Gladwell.

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Wonder what all the fuss is about? If you love racket sports, you will become a huge fan of Padel. And no wonder. A game where you build strength, benefit from a great cardiovascular workout and meet new friends at the same time. It’s no wonder it’s growing so much in popularity here.

To book a session at the Lockleaze – or any of our Padel4all clubs – simply look through our website and access that club’s page to see what beginner training sessions are on offer. Then simply drop your details to the relevant page or give the club a ring. It’s as simple as that.

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