Meet the team at Basset Down: Luke Bedwell

11 April 2023

Luke Bedwell is Padel4all’s General Manager at our Basset Down complex in Wiltshire. Previously a general Leisure centre manager elsewhere, Luke first came across the game of Padel seven years ago.

When he was on holiday in Spain, he saw teenagers playing it on the beach. Intrigued, the racket-sports fan had a hit around with the ball himself, and from then on, he was hooked on a sport which would later bring him to run our Basset Down operation.

Former footie fan turned Padel player

And yet, it was football that piqued Luke’s interest at school. He played in the school team and still enjoys a kick around today. He hasn’t lost his fascination for the game and freely admits that his favourite podcast is the much-followed ‘That Peter Crouch Podcast.

And, while we’re on the subject of entertainment, Luke says his favourite music album is Sub Focus. Produced by the DJ, record producer and musician of the same name, it’s a collection of dance tunes produced by a computer. One of his all-time favourite groups is Swedish House Mafia.

Back to the subject of Padel, though, Luke says the thing he loves best about the game is playing doubles. That’s because he enjoys the social element of the game.

“It’s just such a sociable sport,” he says. “Playing with a partner brings you closer as you work out playing strategies while having opponents means there’s a gang of you to relax and chat together after the game.”

And talking of strategies and tips, Luke must have learned many over the years. His top tip for new players, he says, is to take time to think about where the ball is going. “Never rush your shots,” he says. “Think about where you want the ball to land and how your opponent is going to try and return it. When you rush it, you don’t always think it out and can end up just hitting it to your opponent’s racket.”

Meanwhile, in his spare time – when he’s not playing Padel or advising others on how to improve their game – Luke loves to go for long walks with his dog Hope, a rescue dog from Romania. In fact, he pretty much enjoys exercise of any kind. Another favourite pastime is motocross.

Florida is always a favourite to fly off to

When he has a chunk of time off from his job, Luke likes to head off to Florida on holiday. Or, if he’s feeling like a bit of a staycation, he may pop over to his gramps’ house for a chinwag.

Most of us have one good claim to fame. Luke’s is a bit eye-watering. He was once unintentionally head-butted by former Eastenders’ actor Beppe Di Marco during a charity football match. The jury’s out on who came out most badly hurt.

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Keen to understand why everyone at Basset Down loves Padel? Then why not come along to the Centre and find out? There are special introductory classes and coaching sessions which you can book beforehand.

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