LTA National Finals

12 October 2023

Padel4all’s ladies and men’s teams were in action at the division 2 LTA finals in Roehampton on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th of September.  

The men’s team faced David Lloyd (Raynes Park), Thistle Padel and Hurlingham, in the group stages. Meanwhile the Ladies played Middlesborough and Epsom in theirs. 

The tournament kicked off with the Men’s 2s against Hurlingham, a convincing win which was shortly followed by a well fought but gruelling defeat for the 1s, this led onto the first tie-break of the day where one member from each team would pair up. A 10-7 victory sealed our first point of the day. 

Up next, we had the ladies’ first game against Middlesborough with a very convincing win from both the 1s and the 2s, taking us to the top of the table. 

The men’s 2s then faced Thistle Padel, a tough battle led to a disappointing defeat, which meant the 1s needed a big win to take the game to a tie-break. A convincing win led the men to the tie break in which another comfortable win was achieved and importantly we retained top spot. 

The men were straight back into action for their final group game against David Lloyd. Following a common theme for the weekend, the men’s 2s suffered another tough defeat and the 1s secured their victory, once again taking the game to a tie-break. Sadly, the men were not able to secure the final victory of the day, however they were through to the next round on Sunday 24th. 

The Ladies then played their final game of the day to decide if they finished first or second in the group. After a rocky start against the Epsom ladies, the team were able to secure 1 loss and 1 win, once again taking the game to a tie-break. Unfortunately, after a nail-biting game the ladies lost to Epsom, despite this, they still finished second in the group and were in good form looking onward to Sunday’s games. 

Onto Sunday, the day began with a grudge match for the men’s team. The 2s stepped onto the court and struggled to find their groove in the first set, but once the cobwebs had been dusted off, they found their form and went on to win their game in the tie-break, followed shortly by the 1s who secured a convincing win to send them through to the finals. 

Up stepped the ladies for their first match of the day, Stratford had a very strong team and were not going to go down easily. The 2s stepped onto the court and gave it their all, with a nail-biting display of padel but sadly they couldn’t secure the win and the score line did not reflect the skill on show. The 1s had a mountain to climb against a strong Stratford team, however after a toe-to-toe battle the ladies eventually succumbed. Huge congratulations to the ladies’ teams who competed and performed valiantly across the whole weekend. 

Lastly, the men were set to play Roehampton, a fixture that would put our team to the test. The finals began with Chris and Kevin putting in a desperate effort to gain the lead in the fixture but despite an inspirational display they fell just short, and we were one game down heading into the second game; Calli and Ben were out seeking revenge, an incredible battle took place on court with breath-taking padel from both sides, after a close first set the men were eager to claw back at Roehampton but unfortunately it wasn’t their day and they fell just short.  

A massive thank you to all our team members from everyone at Padel4all, we played some superb padel, fought valiantly in every match, and held our own against some of the best players in the country! 

Stay tuned.

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