Lisa Phillips Joins Garon Park Team

5 February 2022

We are delighted to announce that Lisa has joined our team at Garon Park. Lisa brings a wealth of experience in playing, coaching and community engagement with a sports focus.

After playing squash to a national level and representing England, Lisa was awarded her professional squash coaching qualification with levels 1,2,3 and national level achieved. Padel4all are helping Lisa gain as much experience on a padel court as possible with plans to complete a padel certification in the near future.

Lisa is passionate about growing the opportunities to participate in padel in Essex, she said “I’m super excited to be able to get involved with the great fun game of Padel. I have also played this game whilst on holiday where I think most people have experienced it so it’s just really wonderful to now have the facilities here on our doorstep.

I’d really love to get more women to play as it’s a game that is extremely sociable. As it’s kinder on the body than a lot of racquet sports, it’s ideal for all ages, mature or otherwise. Being competitive myself, I’ve played with some awesome ladies who I think would really excel at this sport and it would be great to see competitive leagues being set up.

I also want to encourage social afternoons/evenings which can be arranged for all abilities. Already, teenage and young children have been showing an interest and there is real opportunity to grow this enthusiasm as they can just get on court, hit the ball without losing too many AND get some exercise in fresh air. I’ve been so happy that my 12 year old has got off the PlayStation to come and play!”

Please stop by and say hi to Lisa. Welcome to the team!

Stay tuned.

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