Kenan’s Birthday Padel Party

24 February 2022

This week we celebrated Kenan’s 8th birthday with a fun-filled padel party. The party gave Kenan and his friends a chance to learn a brand new sport and test their racket skills for the first time at Garon Park.

The coaches kept the kids entertained with games, challenges and team competitions. The mini-games engaged their focus to work together and cheer each other on, while parents enjoyed refreshments off court.  It was fantastic to see thermal having fun and most importantly created lasting memories for Kenan, his family and friends. 

We hope to see you on court again soon. 

Here’s what Kenan’s father said: 

‘Booking Padel4all at Garon’s for my son’s 8th birthday was an amazing idea! All children had a chance to have fun in a healthy way while learning a brand new sport. It is every parent’s dream to organise a party that will stay in children’s minds and I think the Padel4all’s team (Sam, David and Lisa) made this dream come true for us.

Seeing all kids becoming padel experts during the party was a jaw-dropping sight for all parents and this is hugely due to the Padel4all’s abilities to coach the newbie players patiently and keeping them focused and engaged the entire time. 

They provided refreshments, very comfortable seating and a fantastic selection of upbeat music which all parents welcomed while the kids were having fun and sweating on court! :) If you are looking for something different and want your kids to learn a new skill while keeping active – this is the perfect birthday venue. Highly recommended. I want to thank the entire team once again for taking care of every little detail and every single child.’

If you’d like to book your party or next gathering please email us today. 

Stay tuned.

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