Green Light Given for First Padel4all Centre

21 May 2021

We are delighted to announce that Wiltshire Council have approved plans for our first Padel4all centre which is to be located at Basset Down on the edge of Swindon.

The plans were formally approved by planning officers in April and the decision marks several months of hard work by our design and planning team. A huge thank you to all our consultants who contributed and a special mention to our planning agent Andy Miles at LPC Trull who led the application process from start to finish.

Our plans received the full support of the sport’s national governing body. Upon hearing the news Tom Murray, Head of Padel at the LTA remarked;

“We’re very pleased to see that the fantastic new Padel4all padel courts in Swindon have been given approval to be built. One of the LTA’s key strategies is to find new ways to grow participation and padel is an exciting and innovative format of tennis that’s fun, flexible and easy to play – so we hope these brilliant new facilities will encourage people in the local community to give it a try. There is an exciting future for padel and we are working with companies like Padel4all to grow it as a complementary form of tennis that benefits our sport as a whole.”

Construction works are set to start in the coming weeks with the new centre expected to be open for play this summer.

Stay tuned.

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