Active Away Comes to Play!

7 March 2023

It was a fun-filled week in Swindon with several events taking place. We held a Victorious Secret Event (Improver Level) on Sunday and after some fantastic games the winners were Yoseline Yayas-Mendoza (who successfully retained the title – the first competitor to do so!) and her partner Victoria Humphries. Well done Ladies and to all that entered!

Padel is extending to the wider community here at Basset Down with both Lechlade and Malborough tennis clubs utilising their traditional racket skills and expertise to learn the game of padel for the first time. Both clubs enjoyed some Intro to Padel sessions where they learnt how the game differs from tennis and they all left having had a great time!

We also hosted another Padel Tennis Clinic on Saturday with Active Away; a company specialising in sport related holidays, away-days, clinics and more! With all 3 courts in use, 12 guests enjoyed 5 hours of padel, learning the fundamentals of the sport with our expert coaches whilst squeezing in a lovely lunch at the Basset Down Golf Complex half-way through the session. It was great to see everyone’s progress as they learnt new skills throughout the day, and we hope this is just the start of their padel playing journey!

Stay tuned.

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