3 Tournaments, 1 Weekend!

14 February 2023

88 players participated in 3 tournaments held throughout the day on Saturday, eventually producing 6 winners (3 pairs).  The 3 events were categorised according to ability: Smokin’ Aces being the Improver level, The Terminetters being the Intermediate level and Ball of Duty being the Advanced level.  All the players seemed to have a great time and it was wonderful to see the competitive side of everyone whilst also having fun.

Clifton Lawn Tennis Club came in for 2 hours on Saturday where Roxy (Centre Manager) ran an Americano-style mix-in session for them which produced winners at the end.  They thoroughly enjoyed it and asked if they can book the event again in 6 weeks’ time!  Americano events entail each participant playing every round alongside a different person until the tournament ends – they’re such fun and a great way to meet people too!

Stay tuned.

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